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challengesChallenges faced by airports today

Every day, millions of people arrive and leave an airport. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable traveling experience for every passenger, apart from flawless airport operations, the safety and security of passengers is also of top priority. With NUCLEUS, information from various airport operations, building management and security (E.g. CCTV, access control, fire alarm) systems can be managed and interpreted via a single unified platform, giving relevant authorities a superior situational awareness for better response to notifications, alarms and emergencies.

solutionNUCLEUS Solution for Smart Airport

NUCLEUS is an open platform for 3D unified situation management and the real-time information sharing and coordination amongst departments benefits different stakeholders in the smart airport community as follows :
NUCLEUS for Airport Executive Management
As a Unified Management System, NUCLEUS overlays information from multiple systems into one 3D environment, providing real-time situational awareness of the entire premise. This paints an accurate picture of the situation on the ground and allows the supervisor to understand and make an executive decision quickly and efficiently.
Executive summary of airport’s overall efficiency
Operations supervisor can obtain the average luggage belt time and flight arrival times from multiple NUCLEUS callouts for comparison, so as to determine if passenger turnover rate is satisfactory. Using NUCLEUS 3D information, passenger routes from plane to belt can be optimized to improve turnover rate.airport_baggage_flight
Executive summary of service satisfaction level
Through a single NUCLEUS interface, the supervisor can retrieve the airport’s tenant occupancy rate, summarized passenger feedback of airport service and digital signage audience attention spans, all at once. This allows him to easily determine the airport service quality level.airport_executive_overview
Efficient analysis of airport’s systems
NUCLEUS volume indicator changes color as a car park reaches max capacity, aiding the operations supervisor in determining areas which still has free lots. Gathering directional information from NUCLEUS, he can plot clear directions to guide visitors to available car park lots.airport_carpark
NUCLEUS for Airport Operations
NUCLEUS‘s ability to unify information from various systems onto one platform, provides operators with a holistic real-time view of their premises. With NUCLEUS, operators can retrieve information from sub-systems through one unified interface, thus reducing the number of systems to be trained in, increasing flexibility in manpower deployment during operations.
Efficient queue management
Queue management system detects long queues and triggers an alert. NUCLEUS glides to the alert area and calls up video and other device information. With the big picture in mind, NUCLEUS operator then coordinates with ground personnel on reducing the crowd while ensuring minimal inconvenience.airport_counter
Seamless immigration checkpoint operations
When a wanted suspect tries to cross the customs, NUCLEUS alerts the operator to the affected site and displays live video feed. The nearest officers can then be located via RFID on NUCLEUS and dispatched to assist in apprehending the suspect.
Overview of gate management & planning
Information from gate management system is overlaid onto NUCLEUS to provide a holistic overview of all gates and their respective flights. Should there be a need to change boarding gates, operators can select the nearest available gate to reduce inconvenience caused.
Ensure secure premises, keeping track of personnel
Perimeter fence surrounding the airport are fitted with CCTVs that have video analytics. Upon detecting intrusion, NUCLEUS alerts operator to site and allows him to call up nearby cameras for a holistic view. Based on RFID location information in NUCLEUS, he can then dispatch the nearest security officers to the scene.
Keeping restricted access premises secure
Access to sensitive airport premises are limited by access control system. When a person tries to access a secure area with a staff pass, NUCLEUS operator can call up a nearby CCTV to confirm the person’s identity. Upon detection of an imposter, using detailed 3D model information, the operator can swiftly coordinate and dispatch security officers to apprehend the imposter.
NUCLEUS for Facilities
Reduce response time and energy usage
NUCLEUS assists the operator in visualizing data from the building management system. This helps the operator to identify problems and rectify them immediately, reducing resource wasting incidents. For example, temperature sensors might have reported a temperature spike in the airport cinema. Using NUCLEUS, the operator calls up the CCTV in the cinema to ascertain that there is indeed a fire. He then locates the nearest security officers via RFID and guides them to the scene via NUCLEUS to put out the fire quickly.

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