Senfi 内部部署解决方案的新里程碑更新

Senfi 内部部署解决方案的新里程碑更新

Senfi On-Premise Solution

G Element is excited to announce a new milestone update for our Senfi On-Premise solution. Senfi On-Premise solution enables building end-users to harness the full capabilities of the Senfi Cloud solution without requiring Internet connectivity, allowing users, who have security concerns or run sensitive facilities, to experience the full power of a smart building digital twin on premise.

Below is the updated capability comparison chart in this milestone update:

Functions Senfi_On_PremiseSenfi On-Premise Senfi_CloudSenfi Cloud
Internet Connection Not required Required
Data storage On-Premise Servers Cloud
3D Model Support
Open source integration to 3rd party systems
Two-Factor Authentication for Senfi login
Single Sign-On support
Login Authentication (OIDC over OAuth 2.0 Standard Flow and OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow)

Senfi On-Premise solution uses servers on premise for data storage, eliminating the need for internet connection to access cloud database. Functionalities such as 3D model support for BIM, 3DS Max files etc, integration to sensors and 3rd party systems, automation, charting and reporting are maintained in Senfi On-Premise solution.

Communications between Senfi client and server are secured and encrypted. User logins are authenticated either via Senfi login or Single Sign-On (using OIDC over OAuth 2.0 Standard Flow and OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials Flow). For added security, Senfi login also supports two-factor authentication using Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) which also works without internet access.

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