NUCLEUS @ 第十八届资信商业大会

18th Infocomm Commerce Conference – 19-20 August 2015, Exhibition Halls 404-406 Suntec, Singapore18th Infocomm Commerce Conference

G Element co-exhibition under IDA’s ISPRINT programme

G Element had a successful exhibition showcasing NUCLEUS as a smart 3D unified management solution at the 18th Incomm Commerce Conference. We thank all those who took their precious time to join us at the event held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, 19-20 August 2015.

G Element booth

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Chairman for Technology Committee, Mr. Kuah Boon Wee at G Element’s booth

With the cut in low wage workers e.g. security guards, cleaners etc., small medium enterprises are looking for ways to improve productivity even with a reduction in manpower. At the exhibition, NUCLEUS’s open platform has been showcased to allow full integration of security management, allowing CCTVs with video content analysis to be fused with unified 3D model of building, improving location interpretation and reducing need for physical patrols and guards. Hence even with a smaller security team, command center can still maintain real-time monitoring of premises and deploy security staff more efficiently.

Using iBeacon technology, NUCLEUS’s integrated location-based mobile facility incident reporter application, enables any personnel in a building premise to report facility damages, improving facilities maintenance and reducing need for facility managers. Integrated RFID tracking of assets also help to reduce time wasted on tracing assets, allowing better deployment of staff to perform higher value activities.

introduction to members from BCA

G Element’s Business Development Manager engaging in talks with members from Building & Construction Authority (BCA)

With NUCLEUS’s centralized unified management platform, cross system queries become much easier, maximizing useful data interactions. Together with 3D visualization of the premises, command centers can get a comprehensive situation awareness, improve coordination between teams and shorten response time, lightening load on need for manpower.