NUCLEUS at Global Security Asia 2013

NUCLEUS was showcased jointly with our partner D-RON at Global Security Asia 2013, held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore, from 2-4 April.


Some background on Global Security Asia:

“Global Security Asia is regarded as the premier International Exhibition and Conference focusing exclusively on Counter Terrorism, Internal State Security, Law Enforcement and Civil Defence in the Asia Pacific Region. It addresses the fundamental issues of global terrorism and internal state security and presents opportunities for Governments, Agencies and Security Professionals to meet and discuss the solutions using state-of the art defence and security technologies and equipment to meet the current and future threats to a Nation’s sovereignty, infrastructure and public security.”

NUCLEUS being a 3D Unified Management System is the solution to help buildings and cities effectively manage security sensors and provide a comprehensive real-time situation awareness in a single unified view. With NUCLEUS, buildings/cities managers can get timely security information updates which are easy to interpret, aiding them in making informed decisions.

NUCLEUS General Features

Being a Unified Management System, NUCLEUS is able to integrate with various CCTV systems. At the exhibition, NUCLEUS management system was linked up and receiving live video feeds and alarms from the Milestone CCTV system running live on the spot.

Live CCTVs connected to Milestone at GSA 2013

Using the live video feeds, NUCLEUS was able to showcase one exciting feature, namely the video fusion. Apart from being able to display the video feed of a CCTV at a location, NUCLEUS can project the live CCTV video directly onto the 3D premise model, resulting in a video fusion with the 3D premise model. This enhances the ease of CCTV footages readability.

NUCLEUS Video Fusion

Being integrated with the Milestone video management system also allows two-way communications between NUCLEUS and Milestone system. NUCLEUS can send alarms acknowledgments to Milestone system and vice versa. For facilitating ease of discussion between the main systems controller and guards monitoring the sub-systems, NUCLEUS can also send CCTV video footage to Milestone Matrix monitors so that both controller and guards can view the same video footage quickly.

NUCLEUS Integration with Milestone

NUCLEUS enables users to ‘bookmark’ important locations that they have visited in the 3D premise model. Using this feature, users can further create guard tours by playing the bookmarked views saved in a playlist. At each location, user can set the video camera to display its current footage on demand.

NUCLEUS Guard Tour